Ian Whyte

Information Consultant (retired)

I have now retired and spend my time volunteering for the local community and fundraising for Cancer Research UK.

But I'm still available for consutation if you are tired of being unable to understand what your IT expert is trying to tell you. I specialise in translating IT speak into plain english. All fees will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

I'm based in Dollar, Central Scotland and have over 30 years experience managing information and information systems.

Information Management

Advice on the design and specification of all aspects of data acquisition, information storage and information retrieval systems.

If you have any Information Management issues to resolve than contact me to discuss them in plain English.

Home Users

Simple, easy to understand, advice on all aspects of setting up and using Home PC systems, including home networking, internet security and virus protection.

Contact me for more information.

Database Design

A specialist in all aspects of relational database design and implementation.

  • Work flow / Systems Analysis
  • Database design
  • Data input screen design
  • Data reporting design (screen and paper based reports)
Web Site Design

If you are thinking of setting up a web site but don't know where to start, then contact me for advice on registering a name, choosing a company to host your site and advice on site design.

  • Web site design and construction
  • A specialist in the integration of databases into web pages for the presentation of customer data.
Office Customisation

I can provide a wide range of solutions to maximise your use of Microsoft Office.

  • Develop templates for Word
    • customised letter heading
    • outlines for business cards
    • etc
  • Customised Spreadsheet solutions
  • Customised templates for PowerPoint presentations

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